Basic principle of HOUR-Design

【Designing the “ vibrant hours “of interactions between people, and connecting them with the city】

We are concerned with the quality of life of our service users, as well as the climate and features of the regional landscape, and consider the places we design to be a field for creating your lifestyle and making it your own.
To succeed in our goal of designing the “ vibrant hours” of our clients, we treat every person involved in the project with professionalism and courtesy, in order to facilitate its smooth progress.

3 business domains and concepts

Hour design’s business domains lie in 3 fundamental pillars, the detailed concepts of which are as follows:

① Architectural design

  • To design with a close focus on inhabitants’ and users’ comfort and lifestyles.
  • To design with a close and caring focus on the simplicity of daily scenery, area features, and the environment.
  • To consider various perspectives, from small-scale interior design, to larger scales such as the town and the landscape.

② City and Regional design

  • By considering the concepts of natural features, scenery, history, and economy, as well as societal issues such as a declining and aging populations, and a push for sustainable development in cities, our aim is to make full use of the regional features that make a place unique in our designs.

③ Area management/Place making

  • With a goal of revitalizing the urban area, to make full use of the environmental resources of nature, culture and history, and implement solutions using strategies and mechanisms for the specific issues facing the town.
  • To place a high value on coordinating communication and cooperation between the government and people, and to draw out the vibrant energy of the city.
  • “Place-making” refers to designing and creating small spaces with a focus on enhancing the human-scale urban experience. To this end, HOUR-Design aims to prioritize proactive involvement with the community in our designs.

Business details

  • Architectural planning, design and supervision of residences, offices, public facilities etc., as well as interior and furniture design.
  • Business related to city planning, area planning, urban design, and landscape design.
  • Projects and management relating to urban development, area management, creation of community spaces, events etc.


President:Ken Hirose
Partner:Haruna Hirose
Numbers of staffs:3
Address:Royalplaza Fuchu #704, 1-4-3, Kotobuki-cho, Fuchu city, Tokyo, 183-0056, Japan